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Let us show you a better way to personalize your greeting cards and postcards!

  1. "Real" Greeting Cards

  2. With a real postage stamp & envelope

  3. Your personalized message inside

  4. Printed in your handwriting with your signature

  5. For about $1.00 per card!

Are you still sending cards the old fashioned way?

Want to save more time?

What if we can help you send your greeting cards faster & for less money than you are spending now?

These are NOT eCards.

These are real greeting cards that have your custom message written inside in your handwriting with your signature on them!

We print your cards and mail them for you for less than the cost of a greeting card in a regular store!

Quality Greeting cards purchased in a store normally cost on average $3.00 each and you can get the cost down to about $2.00 if you buy in bulk and limit your choice of variety.

We can show you how to send your personalized greeting cards for less than $1.00 each! Each card includes your personal message in your handwriting with your signature but you will never have to touch the card. We do all the busy work. We stuff the envelope, add postage and mail the card for you.

Sending a high quality personalized greeting card for less than a dollar and having us do the addressing, stamping and mailing for you may seem hard to believe. We understand and we would like the opportunity to let you send a card or two totally free on us because seeing is believing. So just fill out our simple contact form and we will set up a free sample account for you.

Simply request a free demonstration by filling out the brief form below.

Act now and we will also show you a unique way to remember every birthday, anniversary, and important event.

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